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S. Judson Scanlon, Executive Director

Judson Scanlon began volunteering for Democratic candidates as a kid growing up in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in the 1970s.  Scanlon began working professionally on political campaigns in 1993 in Washington State. Their first political job was raising money for the campaign to stop the progression of anti-gay legislation from Oregon to Washington. Their second was managing the campaign of a woman running for State Legislature against 7 men (that race ended in the win column). In 2000 Scanlon accepted a position with SEIU International and began a career that spanned multiple campaigns in 26 states over 5 years. In 2005, Scanlon returned to Arkansas, where she continued to work and train political operatives all over the country. In 2016, Scanlon served as the State Director for Bernie Sanders' Presidential campaign in Arkansas and later became the National LGBTQ Outreach Director for the campaign. Scanlon occasionally gets the wanderlust and will dash off to doorbell or strategize with campaigns big and small.  Their true love is training and working with women and people of color in their efforts to claim their place at the table.  Scanlon lives in North Little Rock with her wife and her daughter.  When they aren't working or going door to door, you may find them sitting at a poker table - top of their bucket list is to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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